Puketapapa,Mt Roskill
We're investing in Mt Roskill.

Work is underway on a new project in Roskill South, an area within Mt Roskill bounded by the South Western motorway (to the north), the Akarana Golf Course, Richardson Road and May Road. The development will replace approximately 300 Housing New Zealand houses with warm, dry, healthy homes. By using the land more efficiently than we did back in the 1950s and 60s, when the original homes were built, we will be able to increase the number of social housing units available and also build much-needed new homes for the Auckland housing market.

What's happening?

Many of the homes built by Housing New Zealand in the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's are due to be upgraded. Work has begun in Roskill South to remove and replace these ageing houses with new, warm, dry homes that are designed to cater for the way people live now. Roskill South is located in the area bounded by the South Western motorway (to the north), the Akarana Golf Course, Richardson Road and May Road. As well as the Housing New Zealand homes being replaced in Roskill South, we will also add to the number of homes available to Aucklanders in need and provide new housing for the general market. We will let you know how many homes will be built in total as planning progresses throughout 2017.

What does this mean for me?

The investment in Mt Roskill will bring new people to the area and improve the amenities for everyone. New students and families will help the local schools grow and invigorate the community. Older Housing New Zealand homes in Roskill South will be replaced with warm, dry, modern homes. Clients of Housing New Zealand, who will be affected by the first stage of building, have already been contacted by Housing New Zealand’s Tenancy Liaison Team. If Housing New Zealand has not spoken to you personally, you are not impacted by the current redevelopment. When Housing New Zealand tenants are impacted by redevelopment, they are fully supported through the process by the specialised HNZ Tenancy Liaison Team from the very early stages of planning. Should redevelopments require tenants to relocate, Housing New Zealand provides plenty of notice and works closely with each household to support them into an alternative home, taking into account community links and schooling. During the construction, contractors and HLC will work with community development agencies to keep all Mt Roskill residents informed as we go. We'll be updating this website as the project progresses.

Older Housing New Zealand homes in Roskill South will be replaced with warm, dry, modern homes.
What is the area like?

Roskill South is one of Auckland's most ethnically diverse communities. Census data shows a higher number of people identifying as Pacific, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African than the surrounding area. Roskill South is also a young community when compared to the surrounding area, and households have a higher number of children. The Roskill South neighbourhood is home to May Road Primary School, Turner Reserve, Winstone Park, and Freeland Reserve. Mt Roskill Grammar school and Mt Roskill Intermediate School are within walking distance. Cameron Pool and Leisure Centre, along with various playing fields and other recreational activities, is located within the expansive grounds of Keith Hay Park. Between the school grounds, reserves, Keith Hay Park, the Akarana golf course and Puketāpapa (Mt Roskill) itself, there's a lot of room to get outdoors in Roskill South. Winstone Park on Puketāpapa is an especially beautiful place for a walk or picnic.

Cameron Pool at Keith Hay Park
Winstone Park, Puketāpapa (Mt Roskill)
Why has the area been chosen?

It is important that we replace old Housing New Zealand houses with new warm, dry, healthy homes. Furthermore, Mt Roskill has specifically been chosen for investment because the community has excellent access to local services, schools and amenity. There are a number of parks, reserves and sports grounds in the area, including Keith Hay Park and Winstone Park on Puketāpapa (Mt Roskill). The area is only 7km from the central city and has easy access to the CBD via public transport, including a frequent bus service along Dominion Road.


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Mt Roskill is only 7kms from Auckland's CBD.
Who is running the project?

The project is being run by HLC on behalf of Housing New Zealand. HLC is the team behind the very successful development of Hobsonville Point, the former air force base in Auckland's northwest.

About HLC

HLC is a 100% subsidiary of Housing New Zealand, governed by its own board of directors. HLC operates as an independent, commercial developer and was established to be the lead developer at Hobsonville Point, and to lead innovation in the development sector, particularly in the residential homes market. HLC has developed its Axis Series homes, priced at or below $650,000 to provide Aucklanders with more affordable access to their first home. It has also worked with builder partners to broaden the types of homes available on the market, and it has focused on sustainable features in its new homes that considerably reduce water and energy costs of running a home. By far the fastest residential development project in New Zealand, up to 5,000 new homes will be built by the time the development is completed. Twenty per cent of the development will be Axis Series homes. Community amenities include the Hobsonville Point Park and playground, cycle ways, walking tracks, a Farmers Market, a new primary school and a new secondary school, and a commuter ferry service to downtown Auckland. The community’s visionary design and architecture has been recognised by numerous awards.

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Homes on Buckley Avenue
Homes on Buckley Avenue at Hobsonville Point.
Buckley neighbourhood
The Buckley neighbourhood.
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Housing New Zealand Corporation is a Crown agent that provides housing services for people in need. More than 185,000 people live in Housing New Zealand owned or managed houses or flats. Housing New Zealand works closely with others to ensure their tenants have access to good support services.