Around 10,000 new, high quality, healthy homes will be built over the next 10-15 years.

Auckland needs more homes for more people, more quickly. We’re underway with a number of large scale development projects across the city. The Mt Roskill Development is one of these. It will bring new homes to several neighbourhoods in the greater Mt Roskill area. Development work has begun in Mt Roskill South and Ōwairaka, with further neighbourhoods under consideration for the future.

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Roskill South


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The development will deliver:

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10,000 new, quality homes for Aucklanders

Around 3,000 state homes for people who need assistance, 3,500 more affordable homes, and 3,500 homes for the general market.

Better amenities and infrastructure

The whole Mt Roskill area will benefit from new and improved community facilities, retail, streets and transport.

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Growth and sustainability

By building on Mt Roskill’s strengths to create connected, safe, well-resourced communities for generations to come.

  • What's happening?
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    The Mount Roskill Development project will bring 10,000 new homes to the greater Mt Roskill area and take 10-15 years to complete. New amenities will be built and existing streets and amenities upgraded. The project is aimed at supporting Auckland to grow as a modern, thriving, compact city.

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  • Where will the land come from?
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    Housing New Zealand is the largest landowner in Auckland. Our land is Crown land, much of which is underutilised. Auckland has a housing supply shortage, so it makes sense to intensify the use of this land to create more quality homes for New Zealand’s largest city and the Mt Roskill community.

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  • What happens to Housing NZ customers?
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    We are replacing old state houses with warm, healthy homes. A dedicated tenancy liaison team will work with current Housing New Zealand tenants to find them an alternative state house. Tenants are supported throughout the process and all reasonable costs associated with their move will be covered.

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  • How is it going to change the area?
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    You can expect an increase in the supply and choice of available housing, including new and improved amenities and infrastructure. This will attract more people to the Mt Roskill area, providing more customers for local businesses and greater contribution to local schools and community organisations.

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  • What kind of housing will be built?
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    There will be apartments, terraced homes and standalone homes – one-bedroom and six-bedroom homes; large homes and small homes. A range of housing types and sizes will cater for a variety of family demographics, stages of life and price brackets. There’s a home suitable for everyone.

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  • Why has the area been chosen?
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    Mt Roskill has great local facilities and transport links and it is characterised by a vibrant and diverse community. We want to see it grow and thrive. Mt Roskill is also home to a number of Housing New Zealand tenants living in substandard houses. Upgrading these homes is the logical first step.

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  • Who is running the project?
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    HLC is running the project. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Housing New Zealand. HLC works with agencies such as Auckland Transport, Auckland Council and the Ministry of Education to make the most of opportunities to improve infrastructure and facilities for the greater Mt Roskill area.

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It’s a large project, and it’s well underway, which means there are all sorts of things happening in the neighbourhoods being redeveloped. Stay in touch by visiting this website or below and we’ll send you the news via email.

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