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The Big Picture

The Mount Roskill Development is one of several large development projects across Auckland. The project will bring around 10,000 new homes to the greater area and take 10-15 years to complete. At the same time, new amenities will be built and existing streets and amenities upgraded. The Mt Roskill Development is a government-led project aimed at supporting Auckland to grow as a modern, thriving, compact city.

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Why Here?

The greater Mt Roskill area has been chosen for development because it has good local facilities and transport links. The community also has Housing New Zealand homes that are past their best and need renewing. The development creates an opportunity to attract investment in Mt Roskill from both public (government and council) and private sources. With the extra homes coming to the area, amenities and infrastructure will be improved. New people will move into the area, providing more customers for local businesses and more people to contribute to community organisations and local schools.

Greater Mt Roskill’s neighbourhoods already have vibrant, diverse communities. Our goal is to increase the supply and choice of housing available in these areas so that these communities can grow and thrive.   

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Why Now?

Auckland needs more homes. Housing New Zealand (HNZ) is the largest landowner in Auckland. Much of this land is underutilised so it makes sense to intensify the use of this land to create more homes for Auckland. The development provides a great opportunity to use Crown-owned land more wisely to provide more, high-quality homes to Aucklanders and ease the pressure on the housing market. At the same time, it means we can replace old Housing New Zealand (State) homes that are no longer serving our communities’ needs effectively.

The Mt Roskill Development is not just about numbers of homes. The programme will deliver warm, healthy homes for all kinds of Aucklanders – more state housing for those in need; more homes for first home buyers; and a greater supply of homes on the market, to house our growing population. It will create improved infrastructure and better amenities for the greater Mt Roskill area.

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Types of Homes

A range of housing types and sizes will cater for the variety of families that make up our communities, including the growing number of one or two-person households. Designs for the first two projects at Roskill South and Ōwairaka include apartments, terraced homes and standalone homes. The homes range in size from one to six-bedrooms. Housing diversity gives Aucklanders a better chance of finding the right home for their age and stage of life, in the price bracket they can afford. Apartments and attached housing uses land, materials and labour more efficiently, keeping both the cost of purchase and ongoing maintenance down for homeowners.

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State Housing

Many of Mt Roskill's state houses were built in the 1950s and 1960s and are now past their best. The makeup of our families and the way we live has changed a great deal over half a century. We are now able to design and build warmer, healthier homes that suit today’s lifestyle. The Mt Roskill Development is replacing many old homes with new ones and adding to the number of homes available to Aucklanders in need. As we prepare to remove the old homes Housing New Zealand's dedicated tenancy liaison team works alongside the tenants of those homes to find them an alternative state house, supporting them all the way to their next home and covering all reasonable costs associated with their move.

Market Housing

As well as renewing and increasing the stock of state housing, the Mt Roskill Development will also provide much-needed new homes to the market. Of the 10,000 homes being built, approximately a third will be state housing, a third will be affordable housing, and a third market housing. That equates to 6,000 new, high quality homes for the greater Mt Roskill area.

Affordable Housing

Fifty-five per cent of the market homes Mt Roskill Development builds will be more affordable homes, including KiwiBuild and other options such as long term rentals. Within the development, the definition of ‘more affordable’ is a home priced at or below a figure set by the Government. The price cap is currently set at $650,000. These homes are intended for Aucklanders who want to own and live in their home and have an average household income. You can find out more about how to buy one of these homes here.


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Who is HLC?

HLC blackHLC masterplans and manages large urban development projects. HLC is fully owned by Housing New Zealand and is also responsible for developing Hobsonville Point in Auckland's northwest. Housing New Zealand has asked HLC to manage the development of the new housing and the new/upgraded neighbourhood amenities. HLC will work with other agencies such as Auckland Transport, Auckland Council and the Ministry of Education to make the most of opportunities to improve infrastructure and facilities for greater Mt Roskill.

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